– Humans/Vampires –

Dhampir / ダンピール

Mixed blood between the human and vampire races. A mixed-breed. They are abhorred and often persecuted by the societies of both races. If a Dhampir shows symptoms of the Cocoon period, they are sent to a Clan. Consequently, Dhampirs in clans are subject to bullying and discrimination. Most of them have short lifespans, and Dhampirs who can survive beyond the Cocoon period are rare.

Vampire Race / 吸血種

Officially named as the “Vampire Race”. They are considered to be a subspecies of humans that originated from TRUMP 3000 years ago, arising from mutations over the course of history. Unlike the “vampires” in novels, they do not have supernatural powers or weaknesses such as a vulnerability to the sun or crosses. Their biology is extremely similar to that of humans, and they are capable of interbreeding with them. They tend to be albinos, and almost all of them have pale skin. They are also more athletic than the human race, which means that vampire hunters need special training to deal with vampire cases. Occasionally, vampires in the Cocoon phase may show unique abilities due to their heightened senses. However, this is only temporary, and the ability usually fades away when the Cocoon period ends. Also known as “Vampire”.

Vamp / ヴアンプ

Another name for vampires. Just as the human race is called “human beings”, “humankind”, “humans”, etc, “vampire” and “vamp” are used to refer to the vampire race. The terms “vampire” and ” bloodsucker” are derogatory and discriminatory terms used to refer to the vampire race. These terms rarely used by the vampire race, and mainly used by the human race.

Vampire Hunter / ヴァンパイアハンター

Experts in vampire matters who belong to a human organization called “GUILT”. They have acquired specialized knowledge about vampires and have received special combat training. They also have the authority to investigate cases involving vampires, make arrests, and in some cases, execute them. In most cases, human beings who have been bitten by vampires will die as a result of the highly lethal toxins secreted from their fangs (which are toxic only to humans). However, vampire hunters are inoculated with a serum, and thus a bite alone will not kill a vampire hunter. As a general rule, vampire hunters are human, but there are exceptions such as dhampirs and vampire hunters who were once human but became vampires. When infiltrating vampire society, they use a perfume of vampire blood to camouflage themselves. Commonly referred to as “Hunter”.

The Aristocracy / 貴族

The vampire society is a completely hierarchical one, where status and rank are determined by bloodline. The aristocrats often have special privileges and power. Aristocrats often have special privileges and power, and in principle, only members of the aristocracy are allowed to enter the Blood Alliance Congress. Some aristocrats do not like the fact that power is concentrated in the center of the city, where the headquarters of the Blood Alliance Congress is located. Some of the most famous aristocratic families are the Verachicca, Vlad, Lent, Delico, Fra, Classico and Lorca families.

False / ファルス

There are historical records that those who were granted eternal life by TRUMP were called the “FALSE OF TRUMP” or “FALSE OF VAMP”.

Irregular / イレギュラー

In rare cases, some vampires show unusual and unique symptoms during their Cocoon period. These vampires are called “Irregular”.

Specter / スペクター

Vampires who have escaped from clans, as well as those in the Cocoon period has not been admitted to clans for some reason. They often exhibit abnormal behavior because they are not under medication. They are called Specters because they are like “ghosts” that have no place in either human or vampire society.


The first vampire. Known by various names such as TRUMP, True Vampire, The First Vampire, and The Original Vampire. It is said that he possesses the eternal life that vampires have lost. He is also believed to control the initiative of all vampires, and is revered as a divine authority. There are Primordial Faith believers, both vampires and humans, who worship TRUMP as a god. Primordial Faith is forbidden by the Blood Alliance Law, and are subject to purges on the grounds of heresy.

Teacher / ティーチャー

A program teacher in a clan who instructs vampires in the Cocoon phase. They are addressed by their title before their names. They are well-versed in an educational program called “Cocoon Control,” which specializes in the symptoms of the cocoon period. National certification is required to become a teacher.

– Organizations –

Blood Alliance Congress* / 血盟議会

The highest governing body of the vampire race. Governed in principle by aristocratic vampires. The heads of the most prestigious vampire families, such as the Delico and Fra families, often inherit important posts in the congress. The Clans, Blood Alliance Guard, and Blood Press are also under the jurisdiction of the Blood Alliance Congress. In addition, the laws of the vampire society, the “Blood Alliance Law”, are set by the Blood Alliance Congress.

Blood Alliance Guard* / 血盟警察

A security organization that reports directly to the Blood Alliance Congress. It also plays the role of a military organization in vampire society, which does not have an army.

Clan / クラン

A facility that temporarily houses vampires in their Cocoon period, and provides protection, correction, and education. They are under the direct control of the Blood Alliance Congress, and are subject to a strict control system. Under a program called “Cocoon Control,” vampires in their Cocoon period are treated by medicating them with inhibitors to alleviate their symptoms. If anything, it is very difficult to control the symptoms of the Cocoon period outside of the clan. A festival called Clanfest is held once a year.

GUILT* / ギルト

An organization that deals with vampire matters under the jurisdiction of the human government. They employ vampire hunters. Occasionally, they work with the Blood Alliance Congress on missions.

Pendulum* / ペンデュラム

An anti-social organization mainly comprised of vampires. They are distributing COCOON, which was developed by Sura, a pharmaceutist, throughout society.

The Inquisition / 異端審問

An organization of the Blood Alliance Congress responsible for cracking down on the primordial faith. Inquisitors are considered a sacred profession, and it is customary for the chief inquisitors and inspectors in particular to be special grade vampires.

Vlad Institution* / ヴラド機関

A special organization that exists within the Blood Alliance Congress. Its purpose is to monitor the original vampire TRUMP and keep his inner peace, because the psychological condition of TRUMP affects the entire vampire race. The Vlad Institution has been led by the Vlad family for generations.

– Other terms –

Blood Alliance Law / 血盟法

The laws of the vampire society. They are set by the Blood Alliance Congress.

Cocoon period* / 繭期(まゆき)

A phase that vampire boys and girls enter when they reach a certain age. It corresponds to puberty in the human race, but the symptoms are much more intense. During the Cocoon period, vampires become extremely emotionally unstable, exhibiting psychological symptoms such as extreme behavior, violent emotional fluctuations, intense obsession and jealousy, delusions, hallucinations, and lying. The Cocoon period is generally considered to be between 13 and 18 years old, but it varies between individuals.

Immortality / 不老不死

This is a power that was once possessed by vampires, but has now been lost. It is said that only TRUMP is immortal.

Initiative / イニシアチブ

Vampires create a forced master-servant relationship, called initiative, between the biter and the bitten. The vampire whose initiative is taken (the bitten one) becomes completely submissive to the will of the vampire who has taken it. Taking an initiative gives the vampire control over the target’s actions, thoughts, and memories. The degree of control is proportional to the strength of the will, and a strong initiative is said to be able to affect even the cellular level. Once an initiative is formed, it cannot be erased, so the act of biting another is strictly forbidden by the Blood Law. The legendary vampire TRUMP is believed to hold the initiative of all vampires.

Noblesse oblige / ノブレス・オプリージュ

The duty to be fulfilled by those who are born into nobility. The aristocrats of the vampire race work for the Blood Alliance Congress because of noblesse oblige. Even for the aristocrats who do not belong to the Blood Alliance Congress, noblesse oblige plays an important role in their conduct.

Manor / 荘園

An independent territory that has refused to be governed by the Blood Alliance Congress. There are several around the world. There are many manors that have alliances with the Blood Alliance Congress, but there are also manors that are regarded as possible agents of rebellion and therefore need to be monitored. These manors are known as “Manors of Concern”. The manor governed by House of Verachicca is a “safe manor” that has a good relationship with the Blood Alliance Congress.

Medicine / お薬

Cocoon period vampires housed in clans are prescribed medication to suppress and control psychological symptoms that are intensified by the Cocoon period. The adults call them “suppressants”, but among the students, they are known as “medicine”. They come in a variety of forms, but are most often in the form of blood-red pills.

Non-aggression treaty / 不可侵条約

A treaty made between the Blood Alliance Congress and the government of the human race. Basically, it is a law that forbids the two races from interfering with each other. Dhampirs are a contradiction of the non-aggression pact.

Primordial Faith* / 原初信仰

A belief in the first vampire, TRUMP, and the idea of seeking immortality. Primordial Faith is strictly forbidden by the Blood Alliance Law as it poses a serious threat to the order of society. It is also seen as a threat to the inner peace of TRUMP, who holds the initiative of all vampires. The believers avoid crackdowns by practicing their faith and proselytizing in the underground.

Shared illusion / 共同幻想

Hallucinations caused by the Cocoon period such as visual hallucinations, auditory hallucinations, olfactory hallucinations, taste hallucinations, and phantom limbs, that shared by more than one individual. It has been confirmed that there are cases in which they occurred randomly due to symptoms of the Cocoon period, and cases in which the shared illusions were forcibly induced by drugs or Initiative.

* English translations used in official material