Vamp / ヴァンプ 
Vampire. Their lifespan is about the same as humans, and they are not immortal.

“True of Vamp.” The original vampire, and the only one who is immortal. He holds the initiative of all vamps.

Blood Parliament / 血盟議会
The highest political organization in the vampire world.

Blood War / 血の戦争
A war that occurred between humans and vamps 1000 years before the main story of TRUMP.

Clan / クラン
The sanatorium (educational institution) where vamps undergoing chrysalis are housed.

Chrysalis / 繭期(まゆき)
The equivalent of puberty in humans. However, vamps are more unstable during chrysalis as compared to humans during puberty.

Dhampir / ダンピール
A vamp of mixed parentage between a human and a vamp.

Initiative / イニシアチブ
If one vamp bites another, it results in a master to servant relationship where the vamp that is bitten becomes completely submissive to the one that bites him.

Non-aggression treaty / 不可侵条約
A treaty signed between humans and vamps after the Blood War ended.

Vlad Agency / ヴラド機関
Formed with the purpose of monitoring TRUMP.