TRUMP series chronology


This is the latest timeline published in the Kuro Sekai pamphlet.

The main story of TRUMP begins at ±0000.


Krauss becomes an “immortal vampire”. The cause is unknown.

-2800 【A World Covered in Ash】

Krauss annihilates the party sent to defeat him. He is burned in a fountain of oil, and his ashes rain down on the earth, resulting in a mutation giving rise to a subspecies of humans, the “vampires”, to occur all over the world.

-1000 【sacrifice TRUMP】(tentative title)

A giant religious organization centered on Krauss, who is now referred to as “TRUMP”, is established.

The story touches on the “Blood War” between humans and vampires, the incident where Krauss annihilated the immortal “FALSE OF VAMP” using his initiative, and the connection between Krauss and the religionist “Niko Vlad”, and the vampire “Damian Stone”.


The “Blood Parliament”, the highest governing organization of the vampires, is established. The Blood Parliament is in principle managed by vampires of the noble class.


Non-aggression treaty between humans and vampires is signed.


The “Vlad Agency” is formed with the purpose of monitoring TRUMP. The objective of the Vlad Agency is to maintain peace in TRUMP’s heart. TRUMP’s mental state can affect all vampires psychologically. Because of this, the “Vlad Agency” frowns upon the “Origin Belief” that disturbs TRUMP’s heart.


The vampire hunter guild, which acts as an deterrence towards TRUMP, enters into an agreement with the Blood Parliament.


The Blood Parliament establishes the “Clan”, a sanatorium to house vamps undergoing Chrysalis.

The clan is named “Cocoon Control”, and implements an education program specialized for those with Chrysalis symptoms.

-???? 【Isabeau】(tentative title)

In a vampire manor outside the ruling sphere of the Blood Parliament, Isabeau, who yearns for eternal love, pursues immortality. Due to the appearance of a vampire, the manor fell into ruin.


Krauss, who has been wandering around the world aimlessly, meets someone who tells him that he needs to face the “youths undergoing Chysalis,” who mirror his own heart.

-0100 【TRUMP】

Seeking tranquility in his heart, Krauss hides his identity and spends his time as a teacher in the Clan. He mingles with Allen, a naivete young vampire.

Allen makes a human woman, Lulumina (=Marybelle), pregnant, and this triggers the burning of the Clan by humans (Vamp hunting incident). The incident is concealed by the Blood Parliament and the Vlad Agency.

* (Maribelle has been renamed to Lulumina since COCOON was staged to avoid confusion with Maribelle from “The Poe Clan”.)


After Allen’s death, Lulumina escapes with help from “a certain collaborator” and founded “Nebula Village” in a remote forest. She gives birth to Allen’s child.


Lulumina dies in a lake. There is speculation over whether it was an accident, suicide, or murder, but the truth is unknown.


Lulumina’s great-grandchild Rodin is born, and later becomes the mayor of Nebula village.


Shirayuki rescues Olga, who was kidnapped by vampires. Olga was already pregnant with Camille (Shunrin) then.


Shunrin (Camille) overhears that his father is a vampire named Pizarro.


The “Stigma Incident” occurs. It is caused by the Origin Belief Cult formed by dhampirs that believe in TRUMP.

-0028 【The snow melts and Spring begins】

Sixteen-year-old Shunrin, who has become a vampire hunter, bids a final farewell to Shirayuki, the person who nurtured and mentored him.


Many believers from the Origin Belief Cult are purged as a result of the inquisition by Dali’s father Claude. Dali and Gerhard are students of the Clan. They enter the noble education institute after their Chrysalis ended in order to become senior members of the Blood Parliament.


“A vampire with a silver eye (Silvereye)” escapes from the clan.

-0024 【CRIMSON SIN -The hunters’ case file-】(tentative title)

The vampire hunters’ case file. The story depicts the activities of GUILT, and organization that handles cases involving humans and vampires.

The “vampire with a silver eye” kills many people in a violent attack. He is captured by the hunters and send to Hell Clan. In this incident, the wife (Lily) of a human man (Sophie) who later becomes Ga Banri (SPECTER) is killed, and he himself is seriously injured.


Rodin finds a human baby in the forest. He loses his position as the village mayor because of this. Rosa’s father becomes the new mayor.

It is forbidden to name the child, and thus Rodin calls him “Nome (no name)”.


Dali and Gerhard enter the Blood Parliament.


Ga Banri (SPECTER) enters the vampire hunter training school in order to avenge his wife.


A family of fallen nobles who live in a remote village are killed. Only the son survives.

-0020 【Simon doesn’t have any motive】

An incident happens one night when three vampire hunter cadets are having their training in the mountains. Shortly after, the three of them acquire their hunter qualifications.

-0020 【Marionette Hotel】

Dali and his fiancee Frida arrive at a hotel. All the staff and guests in the hotel have their Initiative controlled by someone. Detective Dali and his assistant Frida solve the mystery surrounding the hotel.


Marco enters the Blood Parliament.


Dali becomes the commander of the inquisition, and Gerhard becomes his inspector partner.


Dali’s son Raphael and Gerhard’s son Angelico are born.

-0015 【SPECTER】

Four youths undergoing Chrysalis escape from the clan. They flee to Nebula village, which is situated near the vampire and human border, and kill the village mayor. They make a pact with Rosa, who is obsessed with the Origin Belief.


The first half of the timeline of Grand Guignol. The story depicts Young Dali Delico’s discord with the Blood Parliament and dhampir Ul’s birth.

Dali is suspended from office for being suspected of impregnating Sue Olsen, a human female taken into custody during the inquisition. After this, Dali receives a secret mission from Johannes to investigate the “incident of missing youths undergoing Chrysalis”. Vampire hunters Shunrin and Utamaro are deployed by GUILT to act as joint investigators cum guards, and they begin their investigation of the incident together with Dali.

This is the “Delico family matter” mentioned by Sekishuu in SPECTER.


The main timeline of SPECTER.

The events that led to the annihilation of the remote village of Nebula and the birth of Sophie are recounted through the records of the incident by Sekishuu, who witnessed the events.

Nome names the baby born between his stepsister Harriet and the botanist Cranach “Sophie”. Krauss adopts Cranach’s kitten and names it “Allen”.

Nome, who is prophecized by Sutcliff to “die suddenly”, inherits the name “Ga Banri“, and embarks on a journey as a vampire hunter. (He will be referred to as “Banri” from here on.)


The second half of the timeline of Grand Guignol.

The investigation team led by Dali pursues the truth behind the “incident of missing youths undergoing Chrysalis”. Barlach Bell, a member of “Pendulum”, and a mysterious guy Damian Stone attack the Delico residence. Dali’s wife Frida and many others become casualties of the attack. After the incident, Dali and Gerhard, who renounced the Origin Belief, join the Vlad Agency. Dali bites his bequeathed son Ul and takes his initiative.

-0013 【DELICO’S NURSERY】(tentative title)

The murder of a high-ranking official of the Blood Council by the anti-social organization “Pendulum” occurs. Dali and Gerhard are appointed to investigate the case, but Dali declines due to having to take care of his child. Johannes thinks that Dali’s ability is essential to solve the case, and orders Dali to juggle childcare and investigation. Dali, curious about how others raise their children, asks Gerhard and his subordinates to bring their children to work. Dali calls the investigation headquarters, which is now full of children, a “nursery”.


Banri obtains his qualification as a hunter.

-0006 【BARTONELL】(tentative title) 

A joint team of Shunrin, Utamaro, Banri, and Sekishuu hunt down Pizarro, a wanted vampire criminal. Shunrin dies.

-0005 【Donatello’s Reminiscence】

Teacher Donatello recalls “the vampire with a silver eye”.


Sui becomes a certified hunter and teams up with his mentor, Rosui.


A massive riot by vampires undergoing Chrysalis results in the occupation of the clan.

-0003 【COCOON -Dark of the Moon

A story of the friendship between Angelico and Raphael, and how it broke down.

Donatello, the mastermind behind the riot by vampires undergoing Chrysalis, disappears from the Clan, and Diego is sent to Hell Clan.

Donatello receives protection from the antisocial-organization “Pendulum” after this.

-0003 【Pendulum】

Vampire hunters Rosui and Sui pursue Sura, a chemist who is illegally manufacturing “COCOON”, an illegal drug that exacerbates the symptoms of Chrysalis. Rosui and Sura die. Kiki and Greco meet. Sui, who has lost his partner, teams up with Banri, who has also lost his partner.

-0002 【Waiting for Angelico】

Georges and Morrow prepare a gift for Angelico to celebrate his birthday.


Julio and Emile, who have joined the Blood Council, struggle to rise in the ranks, but are caught up in a factional struggle.

-0001 【Diego on the horizon】(tentative title)

Diego attempts to escape from Hell Clan. After many twists and turns, he succeeds in escaping, but he reaches the end of his Dhampir life soon after. Julio and Emile are told of Diego’s death.

-0001 【GUILT】(tentative title)

The battle between hunters led by Sui and Banri and Pendulum, a criminal organization of vampires.

±0000 【TRUMP】/【COCOON -Upon one of the Star

Because of Krauss, Sophie loses his close friend Ul, and becomes immortal.

Banri, a vampire hunter who infiltrated the Clan on a special mission from the Vlad Agency, is reunited with his nephew Sophie, whom he had named.

Banri dies during an incident in the Clan, and Sutcliff’s prophecy from 14 years ago becomes a reality. A series of events lead to the Clan being destroyed by fire.

The Vlad Agency, which is an organization that monitors TRUMP, loses track of Krauss’ whereabouts.

+0017 【Donatello’s Reminiscence -Chrysalis Illusion-】

Donatello writes a book about his Chrysalis fantasy. In the Chrysalis illusion brought about by Cocoon, Donatello continues to live with young Gustav.

+???? 【Shared Illusion CLANFEST】(tentative title)

The Clan in the fantasy world of Donatello. There, people from all over the ages gather together, and everyone spends time together as students. Sophie and Ul form an idol unit and aim to win a contest held at Clan Fest. All of this is just the creation of Donatello’s fantasy.


Sophie wanders around the world pursuing Krauss, who holds his initiative.

+2000 【BLOSSOM】(tentative title) 

Sophie founds the “Pseudo Clan”, an experimental facility disguised as a sanatorium. He begins researching immortality. He begins using the name “False”.

False takes vampires undergoing Chrysalis and keeps them in the Clan. He manipulates their memories using his initiative to create “a community of shared illusion”.


Lily and Snow join the Pseudo Clan.


Lily realizes the truth about the Pseudo Clan, and rejects False (Sophie).

False erases Lily’s inconvenient memories using his Initiative.

+2700 【Hoffman and the Twin’s Chrysalis】

Silane and Lindou escape from Hoffman’s clan.


Siland and Lindou to the Pseudo Clan by Sophie. There, the sisters meet Marguerite, whom they met in Hoffman’s clan, again.


Silane and Lindou learn of False’s objective, and become his cooperators.


Ian Fra escapes from the Pseudo Clan and disappears.


Ian Fra, who changes his name to Rue and lives as a human, meets sisters Annabel and Erica.


Annabel gives birth to Gerbera, a mixed race of human and vampire. She breaks off her relationship with Erica and Rue to protect them.

+2800 【Marigold】

Gerbera, who has killed and injured humans due to her Chrysalis urges, is about to be executed. The execution is thwarted by Sophie and Camellia. Annabel, bitten by Sophie, turns into an “acquired” vamp. Annabel is killed by Gerbera whose initiative is being controlled. Gerbera abandons her original name and takes the name Marigold, and is taken to the Pseudo Clan by Sophie.

+2800~2950 【Nirin Zaki (Two Flowers Blooming)】

Marigold comes to the Pseudo Clan, but her initiative is taken by Sophie.

Snow starts to become like False, and becomes immune to False’s control over her Initiative. False can no longer erase Snow’s memories using his Initiative.

+2990 【LYCORIS】(tentative title)

The story centers on a young lady named Lycoris and her discord with Sylvatica, Camellia, Cherry, Lily, Snow, Silane, Lindou, and False.

Sylvatica leaps to her death from the tower within the Clan, leaving behind the words “forget me not”. The story leads to the opening scene of LILIUM.

+3000 【LILIUM】

Lily begins to become like False, and becomes immune to False’s control over her Initiative. She begins to remember Sylvatica, who had been erased from her memories.

False names the medicine that temporarily prevents the vampires from aging as “Ul”.

Lily is able to use her Initiative to suppress False since False is weakened from anemia, and also because he is a dhampir (they should otherwise be on par in hierarchy).

Lily uses her Initiative to make the vampires in the Pseudo Clan commit suicide, releasing them from False’s curse.

The Pseudo Clan is destroyed by fire. Lily becomes the third person to gain immortality.


Sophie begins wandering around again in pursuit of Krauss.

+???? 【Kill!Barn!】

There is a house named “Lord Fushi”. The owner, Lord Fushi, had been influenced by books on Chrysalis illusions, and holds a party named “Kill!Barn!”. All kinds of vampires who are obsessed with Chrysalis gather in the house for the party. Lord Fushi orders them to kill each other to kick off the prelude to this wild feast.

+3100~3300【Kuro Sekai (Black World): Lily’s Quest for Eternal Memory, or, A Few Thoughts on her Eternal Chrysalis】

Lily, who has become immortal, wanders around the world in search of Sophie, who gave her eternal life. A young girl living in an eternal Chrysalis, 200 years spent in constant encounters and partings.

+4497 【The bandit dies in the moonlit night】

A man is entrusted with the daughter of a woman he killed while on a journey. He has a twisted love for her, and they live together. This is the story of the old man who appears at the beginning of TRUMP.

+4500 【TRUMP】

Sophie, who is wandering the desolate world in pursuit of Krauss, revisits the site of the Clan.

After killing an old bandit, Sophie tells the story of what happened 4,500 years ago to Galanthus, a human girl who was with the old man. Galanthus then accompanies Sophie on his journey.

+6000 【Snow Moon Flowers】(tentative title)

While wandering in search of False, Lily meets Galanthus, a girl who looks exactly like Snow. Lily is also reunited with False.

Sophie is also reunited with Krauss.

+12000 【TRUMP series final work】

The wanderings of Sophie and Krauss.

  • The Clan in LILIUM is specifically described as 疑似クラン, which I have translated as “Pseudo Clan”. This is because False/Sophie was trying to mimic the Clan in TRUMP.