TRUMP (2013 D2)

D-stage 12th “TRUMP”


A blood feast that spans 7,500 years for vampires who have lost their immortality───

The Gymnasium “Clan” has been established to educate and correct young vampires who have entered “the Cocoon period” (puberty in human terms).

Sophie, a dhampir of mixed human and vamp blood, is hated by those around him for being “filthy”. Ul, who was born into one of the most prestigious families in the vamp world, is somehow attracted to the abominable Sophie. As Ul continues to research the “power of immortality” that vampires once possessed, he learns of the existence of TRUMP, the original vampire that is said to live forever, and begins to crave eternal life.
Eventually, Sophie and Ul become entangled in the deep fate surrounding the legend of immortality───

The young vampire, who have lost their immortality, are trifled with by the legend of the immortal “TRUMP” who has eternal life, in this ephemeral yet beautiful vampire entertainment.


Sophie Anderson

← 西井幸人 / Nishii Yukito (Truth)

三津谷亮 / Mitsuya Ryo (Reverse) →

A dhampir (half-breed) mix of human and vamp, he was sent to the clan because he showed signs of being in “the Cocoon period”.
He is discriminated against by those around him as a filthy person, but he excels in swordsmanship and academics.

Ul Delico 1

← 三津谷亮 / Mitsuya Ryo (Truth)

西井幸人 / Nishii Yukito (Reverse) →

The second son of the de Rico family, one of the most prominent families in the vamp world. For some reason, he is attracted to Sophie, who is an abomination.
As he researches the “eternal life” that vamps are said to have once possessed, he learns of the existence of “TRUMP”.

Teacher Krauss 2

← 陳内将 / Jinnai Sho (Truth)

山田裕貴 / Yamada Yuki (Reverse) →

A teacher in the Clan. He is the chaperone for the troubled Allen, but his free-spirited words and actions get him into trouble.
He says that the blood of Sophie, who is an abominable dhampir to the vamps, “smells good”.

Allen Strauff

← 山田裕貴 / Yamada Yuki (Truth)

陳内将 / Jinnai Sho (Reverse) →

A student of the Clan. He repeatedly violates the rules by sneaking out of the Clan at night and going down to the human village.
He is in love with Marybell, a human girl, and this leads to a feud between the humans and vamps.

Teacher Gustav

← 山口賢貴 / Yamaguchi Kenki (Truth)

近江陽一郎 / Ohmi Youichiro (Reverse) →

A teacher of the Clan with a dynamic personality. He is mainly in charge of teaching martial arts, and trains his students every day.
He can’t hide his distrust of Ga Banli, a newcomer to the Clan. He often bursts his blood vessels.

Teacher Michelangelo

← 近江陽一郎 / Ohmi Youichiro (Truth)

山口賢貴 / Yamaguchi Kenki (Reverse) →

A teacher of the Clan with a gentle personality. He has the graceful demeanor of a noblewoman, but is male.
He teaches his students the etiquette and culture of the vamp social world. His hobby is tea parties.

Raphael Delico 1

← 阿久津愼太郎 / Akutsu Shintaro (Truth)

志尊淳 / Shison Jun (Reverse) →

The older brother of Ul, and heir to the de Rico family. He is concerned about the safety of Ul, who is in close contact with Sophie, a dhampir.
He has a strong complex against his father, Dali, who is regarded as an absolute being.

Angelico Fra

← 志尊淳 / Shison Jun (Truth)

阿久津愼太郎 / Akutsu Shintaro (Reverse) →

Born into an elite family with an influential father. He has a strong sense of inferiority towards the de Rico family, and is particularly hostile towards Raphael.
His mental instability due to his Coccoon is so severe that he eventually falls into a state of extreme hysteria.

Ga Banri 3

← 土屋シオン / Tsuchiya Shion (Truth)

池岡亮介 / Ikeoka Ryosuke (Reverse) →

A mysterious new student who arrives at the Clan on a rainy night. Sophie and Ul feel “something strange” about him.
He approaches Sophie with some kind of purpose. He skips class and always takes a afternoon nap.

Pietro Rondo

← 池岡亮介 / Ikeoka Ryosuke (Truth)

土屋シオン / Tsuchiya Shion (Reverse) →

Allen’s roommate. He is forced to assist Allen, who sneaks out of the Clan every night.
He actually stays by Allen’s side for a purpose, but comes to develop a friendship with Allen that transcends that purpose.


荒井敦史 / Arai Atsushi (Truth & Reverse)

One of Angelico’s cronies. He believes that Angelico is the vamp who should be the head of the vampire race, and he doesn’t like Raphael, who is a barrier to his career path. He always keeps close company with Morrow.


根岸拓哉 / Negishi Takuya
(Reverse DVD)

白又敦 / Shiramata Atsushi

大久保祥太郎 / Okubo Shotaro
(Truth DVD)

One of Angelico’s cronies. He adores Angelico as much as Georges does.
Together with Georges, he harasses Raphael and Ul, but they always get back at him.

Dali Delico 1

← 上鶴徹 / Kamitsuru Toru (Truth)

前山剛久 / Maeyama Takahisa (Reverse) →

Father of Ul and Raphael. He is the head of the de Rico family, a prominent and powerful family among the vamps.
He is strict with his eldest son, Raphael, and dotes on his second son, Ul.

Student Bruno

白又敦 / Shiramata Atsushi (Truth & Reverse DVD)

Student Mathis

根岸拓哉 / Negishi Takuya (Truth DVD)

Student Julian

前山剛久 / Maeyama Takahisa (Truth DVD)

Student Monet

大久保祥太郎 / Ookubo Shoutarou (Reverse DVD)

Student Lautrec

上鶴徹 / Kamitsuru Tooru (Reverse DVD)

English names are as provided in the BD. (Except Lautrec and Monet)
1 Previously spelled as “de Rico” as per DVD booklet.
2 Spelled as Klaus in some other productions.
3 Previously spelled as “Ga Banli” as per DVD booklet.


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BD Revival
Truth: PCXP-50848
Reverse: PCXP-50849

Truth: PCBP-52243
Reverse: PCBP-52244